Love it or Hate it ? The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X SAV for 2025

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X and Sedan

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X has once again sparked discussions about design. Over the past few years, BMW has consistently been in the spotlight for its controversial design choices, leading to speculation whether it’s a new marketing strategy or a departure from their traditional design ethos. With the unveiling of their new SAV design, the buzz surrounding BMW is reignited, prompting discussions among enthusiasts and critics alike. Regardless of whether the publicity is positive or negative, it’s said that any publicity is good publicity. True BMW fans remain loyal to the brand, embracing its evolution while staying connected to the essence of BMW’s heritage.

One thing for sure, among all the leading automaker this German lad is the bravest not following the typical tear drop concept design and handling the criticism very well and boosting its sales.

What is BMW Vision Neue Klasse X :

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X top view

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X epitomizes an active lifestyle, efficient dynamics, and a bold presence. Its design seamlessly merges a sleek exterior aesthetic with a spacious and luminous interior. Enhanced by cutting-edge lighting and sound effects facilitated by the next generation of BMW iDrive, the digital user experience is both intuitive and immersive. Building upon the three primary tenets of the Neue Klasse – electric, digital, and circular – a fourth dimension is introduced here. Elevating the driving experience intrinsic to the BMW brand, bespoke drive and chassis control systems are engineered specifically for the Neue Klasse, complemented by the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology. Moreover, its sustainability concept underscores responsible practices throughout production, operation, disassembly, and recycling processes.

Insights from Adrian van Hooydonk :

Adrian van Hooydonk, head of BMW Group Design, emphasizes, “The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X offers a glimpse into the future of X models within the Neue Klasse. The foundational principles of electric, digital, and circular design extend to our Sport Activity Vehicles. The X models will continue to embody strength of character: sleek, uncluttered, and featuring a distinctively vertical interpretation of the BMW light signature.”

Exterior and Interior Aesthetics :

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Interior 1

Integrating the two-box profile typical of a BMW X model, the streamlined design language crafted for the Neue Klasse signifies a significant advancement in both exterior and interior aesthetics. Leveraging heightened ground clearance inherent to electric vehicle architecture, the design unlocks fresh opportunities for enhanced interior spaciousness. This layout facilitates a long wheelbase, minimized overhangs, and iconic BMW proportions. Ample window surfaces and a panoramic glass roof bathe the cabin in natural light, fostering an open and airy ambiance, further accentuated by textile elements in inviting warm hues.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X sketch

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse X exudes an air of lightness, thanks to its seamless glass surfaces and vibrant “Coral Silver” exterior finish. Notably, at the rear section of the side windows, the iconic Hofmeister kink is reimagined sans chrome accents, instead employing a “reflective print” technique. This innovative approach results in a transparent or reflective surface, depending on the observer’s angle of view. The rear of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse X exudes strength and athleticism. Extending deep into the center, the rear lights offer a horizontal rendition of the iconic BMW ‘L’ shape. Featuring 3D-printed

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Side

elements, these lights are individually managed with adjustable light intensity, creating a captivating depth effect that adds to its expressive appeal.

BMW eDrive technology: Sixth generation :

BMW eDrive Technology GenerationSixth generation, featuring improved e-drive units and new cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells with over 20% higher volumetric energy density compared to previous cells.
Battery SystemTransition to an 800-volt system, enhancing charging speed by up to 30%.
Range ImprovementUp to 30% increase in range with the sixth generation of BMW eDrive technology.
AerodynamicsReduction in drag of about 20% compared to current BMW X models.
Tire DesignIntroduction of new tire designs to enhance overall vehicle efficiency.
Brake SystemSpecialized brake system for fully-electric vehicles, contributing to up to 25% increase in overall vehicle efficiency.
BMW eDrive technology: Sixth generation feature table 1

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BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Release Date ?

Scheduled on 2025

bmw vision neue klasse x price ?

estimated £65,000 to £85,000

Who is the head of BMW Group Design ?

Adrian van Hooydonk

What is SAV on BMW?

Sports Activity Vehicle


Download BMW Vision Neue Klasse X

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